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The most personal place in the house is the bedroom. Because you really want to relax here, atmosphere and temperature must be optimal. We collected five tips to create the ultimate atmosphere. Here are the best tips for a comfortable bedroom.


Really relaxed and wake up well rested the next day, only in a room that also radiates tranquility. So: no swaying shoes, clothing to be cleaned, computers or small rumbles in sight. Try to store all items behind closed doors. An open cupboard or a clothes rack looks beautiful if only a few delicate shirts are attached, but in practice, such storage quickly gives a messy impression.


What if you go for the best of both worlds and still want that open walk-in closet? That does not have to be a problem, as long as you ensure that the open side of the cupboard is not visible from the bed. Place such a cupboard with your back to the bed. And make sure that the lace is nicely finished.



For a good night’s rest, the correct temperature of the room is also important. Too hot or too cold causes a night turn and tossing. With the Air Conditioner set your ideal temperature with your smartphone. That can be done remotely; that is how your bedroom is already pleasant when you come home. Or do you want to read an e-book or scroll through Instagram once in bed, then set a comfortable temperature on your smartphone or tablet? Because you operate the air conditioner via your phone, you can adjust the temperature effortlessly downwards, the moment you want to go to sleep. this one can be the best tips for a comfortable bedroom.

Thanks to the wind-free cooling technology, the temperature of the bedroom after a day at the beach are pleasantly cool, without that familiar breeze in your face. In addition to cooling technology, this air conditioner also has a heat pump. And – also important – the device does not make a noise.

The Wind Free Air is also sustainable. Where other air conditioners turn off when the desired temperature is reached and then turn on again. When the temperature rises, the Samsung copy keeps the temperature constant. That saves a lot of energy.



It cannot be said often enough: quiet colors literally bring peace to a room. Go for whiting, or gray in a bedroom and combine that color with a soft pastel for a cheerful note. Also, keep the bedding in these colors. So you simply create a serene atmosphere. Bright colors have the effect that you become more active. Fine for the office, but not as nice as you want to relax.




Of course, you sleep in the dark, but good lighting does a lot for the atmosphere in a room. Place several small lights in the bedroom, whether or not to operate with your smartphone, with warm light for a cozy atmosphere. Avoid white or bluish light, which colors ensure that you feel awake.

So if you follow these best tips for a comfortable bedroom you can definitely design your desire bedroom.

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