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You want your home to look and feel WOW! A space you look forward to coming home to every day? Somewhere to “just be” that both inspires and soothes? You want guests that ooh and ahh and tell you it’s like you won a beautiful palace, right? BUT…. you have no idea how to make that happen.

In fact, you’re to the point that you’re ready to hire someone to do it. Don’t worry here is the solution

Interior It Online is an e-design firm an online interior design service that provides innovative design solutions and floor plan for residential projects. Our creative group of interior design experts has been reworking spaces and developing new ways to recreate your favorite spots. We are here to help you design the space you’ve always wished you could live or work.

Our vision as Interior It Online company is to help you bring that dream to life and that’s too online.


About Founder

Hi, I am Puja Mukherjee founder and lead designer of “Interior It Online”. As a child, I always use to fascinate how God has created this beautiful world and which always inspired me to design the room for my dolls. Later during my high school days, I realized my potential and decided to pursue a career as an Interior Designer which is my innate passion.

I strongly believe   Interior designing is an art where you have a lot of props like colors, materials, textures, shapes, style, and concepts to make a space vibrant.

Well, I don’t have a magic wand, but I do have the skills to design your own personal dream home. And Now I present to you the best online interior design service.