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Are you planning to open a new restaurant? or thinking to add a new room for your grown-up children? or simply wish to utilize a vacant space available in your house? As the purpose space usually used to serve has changed over time. Don’t worry, you need an effective space design for your space!!!

What is Space Design:

It is one of the basic elements of an interior designing process; where the designers segregate a space into different zones, that based on its future usage. It also entails the circulation through space and detailed furniture and also the equipment arrangement. The designing of space is the planning of an outdoor or indoor place, public or private dedicated to any type of activity. so that the whole is functional but also aesthetic and practical. We can say that space design is the layout of the space to create an identity. To do this space designer use materials, coatings, furniture, lighting, colors, typography, and sometimes sound.

Who can assist you:

One of the many services offered by an interior designer is space designing. They have the right knowledge and skills set to analyze your space and offer you an effective space. However, sometimes an experienced architect can also offer the same.

Now, this service is available online where you can seek help from an experienced renowned interior designer with just a few clicks. For your reference, we are listing a few of the best company’s website whom you can approach to get your space designed at an affordable rate –

Special features of space designer:

  • Understanding and anticipating needs: Space design is the art of understanding how people move within a defined space and anticipate specific needs and uses throughout the planning. Whether in a public space or in our living room; we appreciate more and more flexibility so that we can access our emails, also watch a movie or even eat comfortably anywhere. This is one of the reasons why the space designer works. So that space can meet the current and future needs of its occupants.
  • Creating different and innovative spaces: Space design is a profession of people who must be creative but also very observant and empathetic. Space design must offer innovative, unique and better thought out solutions to meet needs, that still little occupation is interested in the comfort level. But also the adaptability of spaces to people’s lifestyle. It must advance the habitat and public spaces to make them always better thought and that is why observation and empathy are put. A space designer can ask questions such as: how can elderly people rest while waiting for the bus? This little girl would not it be better to eat at a lower table? Would not customers stay longer if there was extra light on this terrace?

team work

The process to do an effective space designing:

1. Analysis & understand the space –The first and foremost step is to gather detail relevant information about the space you are going to design. Ensure you have an accurate measurement, the shape of the space. Pay attention to the requirements of the clients and users of the space.


2. Segregating the zonesDepending upon the information gathered, try to do the zoning of the space that will ease the designing For an instance, a residential space can be divided into public, private and utility zone, whereas for commercial space it can be social, service, entertainment, and private zone.

zoning diagram


3. Rough sketch-Now you have the idea of the space and its distribution, so, sketch a rough design plan mentioning the circulation pathway and get the initial approval of your client. Try to accommodate the changes requested in the design as per the clients.


4. Labeling the space – The last step to an effective space design is to plan the layout of the furniture, equipment, position of doors and windows. Label the design plan with detailed measurement of everything.

Labeling the space

In short, space design is a discipline that gives a lot of importance not only to aesthetics but especially to have a living environment optimized and thought for the particularities of each of us. The purpose of space design is ultimately to enable people to take ownership of things. And to take control of the spaces they frequent.

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